ALCARES JACK-ARH Alk USCG/SOLAS/MED/TC Recessed light with black clip

Lifebuoy and Lifejacket Lights

Price: $19.00 each

Case (minimum order quantity) :1

Alcares - Water activated LED Life Jacket Light with "TEST/OFF" BUTTON.  

The only SOLAS/USCG lifejacket light certified to use Alkaline batteries instead of standard Lithium, virtually eliminating hazards from fire or hazmat $$fees$$ for disposal.

With a height of only 18mm this light can easily fit into any lifejacket without hampering movement of lifejacket material. The extremely visible, high intensity LED strobe is further enhanced by a unique bubble dome (see video). It is automatically water activated plus switchable to off when wet through a manual on/off button. In dry mode the button works as a test button - when pressed the light flashes rapidly.

Black clip/cover is designed to expand into the lifejacket light cavity when the light is clipped to the bracket assuring quick and permanent installation with no chance of inadvertent separation.

  • - Smooth and rounded edges ensure lifejacket integrity.
  • - Comes with a clip for strap/belt attachment or through 2 slots in the fabric of the lifejacket.
  • - Light intensity is well above the 0,75cd approved standard.
  • - Size: 62mm x 44mm x 18mm (LxWxH)
  • - Height dome: 9mm
  • - Weight: 42g
  • - Material: polycarbonate
  • - Waterproof
  • - Battery: Alcaline, 5 years storage life (store between -30°c and +65°c)
  • - Operational life: minimum 8 hr.
  • - Approvals: SOLAS MED 96/98/EC/USCG

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Alcares Recessed Light - USCG Approval 786.51 KB
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