Firefighter Boots

Firefighter Gear

Price: $229.00 each

Case (minimum order quantity) :1

Firefighter Boots

Electrical Insulating fireman’s boots, with rubber uppers, a protective toe cap, a flame retardant rubber outsole and a comfortable woven cotton canvas lining.

MED Approved

SOALS Approved



Flame retardant rubber upper with heat insulation and chemical resistance

Flame retardant, fuel oil resistant and slip resistant rubber outsole

Withstands 18kV and high temperature

Cold insulating outsole construction

Steel midsole that withstands pins and sharp objects

Steel toe cap (EN ISO 20345)

Comfortable woven cotton canvas lining

When ordering please specify shoe size

Part Number / US Sizes:

MU2MZN38M / 5.5  (UK 38)

MU2MZN40M / 7.5  (UK 40)

MU2MZN42M / 9  (UK 42)

MU2MZN44M / 11  (UK 44)

MU2MZN46M / 13 (UK 46)

MU2MZN48M / 15  (UK 48)

MU2MZN50M / 17  (UK 50)

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