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Price: $2999.00 each

Case (minimum order quantity) :1

Sea Safe Pro-Light Offshore Self-Righting Liferaft in Valise- 8 Person

Designed to self-right itself if turned upside down.

The Pro-Light liferafts comply with ISO9650-1 standard (Type1, Group A), fully accepted by ISAF Utilizing a new composite material to build strong and durable compact liferafts specifically designed for offshore use. All Sea-Safe rafts come with a 12 year warranty when serviced at least every 3 years by an authorized Sea-Safe service facility.

1.    Weighing 10% less than previous models, but with greater strength

2.    Approved according to ISAF ISO9650-1 (Type 1, Group A)

3.    Easy access boarding ramp, ladder, and handholds

4.    High visibility- LED Exterior -and Interior Light

5.    Equipped with integral water ballast bags

6.    3-zone fully separated inflation chambers

7.    Rainwater collection

8.    SOLAS reflective strips across entire structure

9.    Supplied with an emergency pack that meets minus 24hr specs

10.  0.5 liter per person emergency drinking water

11.  Optional grab bag for plus 24hr requirement

Comprehensive canopy and openings that allow easy access for boarding, spotting, and fresh air. All while keeping the inside dry.

Natural rubber flooring is covered with a complex insulator of close cell foam coated with aluminum film to create a warm barrier between the occupants and a cold ocean.

All Sea Safe liferafts are come standard as vacuum packed at time of order for the freshest dates, and are available in Valise or Fiberglass Container with HRU (Hydrostatic Release), with optional stainless steel cradle.



Sea Safe Pro-light & Sea Safe Self Righting Weights & Dimensions

  Valise Container
Description Model # Dimensions Weight Model # Dimensions Weight
4 Person Pro-Light DXPL4VR 26”X13” 68 DXPL4CR 28”X19”X9” 78
6 Person Pro-Light DXPL6VR 26”X16” 80 DXPL6CR 28”X19”X10” 87
8 Person Pro-Light DXPL8VR 28”X16” 98 DXPL8CR 31”X19”X11” 113
4 Person Pro-Light Self-Righting DX04SVR 26”X15” 75 DX04SCR 28”X19”X10 84
6 Person Pro-Light Self-Righting DX06SVR 30”X17” 95 DX06SCR 28”X19”X11” 103
8 Person Pro-Light Self-Righting DX08SVR 30”X17” 101 DX08SCR 31”X19”X12.5” 114


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