ZOLL AED Plus - Semi-Automatic

Zoll Plus

Price: $1699.00 each

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ZOLL AED Plus - Semi-Automatic

When using Zoll CPR D-Padz you gain a huge advantage as a lay responder with Real CPR Help®. Real CPR Help® guides you step-by-step when providing CPR to a sudden cardiac arrest victim even if a shock is not needed. When applying chest compressions, the Zoll AED Plus will either tell you to “push harder”, if needed, or “good compressions” if no change is needed.

To assist with your timing, the Zoll AED Plus will play a metronome to lead you in pushing at the correct rate. The suggested push is 2 inches deep and at a rate of 100 pushes per minute. If the depth of your compression is not correct you can look at the display to see at what depth you are currently pushing.

Currently there is no other AED that offers both depth and rate monitoring.


Come with:

7-Year Warranty

One-Piece CPR-D Pads

Set of Lithium Duracell Batteries

Carry Case

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