Pyrotechnic Distress Signals

Price: $595.00 each

Case (minimum order quantity) :2

IKAROS- MOB Man Overboard, Light/Smoke, SOLAS/MED

For use as a man-overboard marker, designed for mounting on the ship’s bridge together with a lifebuoy. Mark IV, 2 super bright LED Lights.

The MOB is a combined day and night marker (giving 2 hours light and 15 minutes smoke) with a lithium battery sealed for maximum life and comes with a bracket for easy mounting.

The IKAROS Man-overboard (MOB) signal is approved globally and meets the latest SOLAS 74/96 regulations.


Global Approvals - CA-DOT, BV, MED, SOLAS

Number of Lights:       2 strobe lights

Light Intensity:             2 candela

Light Time:                  >2 hours

Smoke Time:               >15 minutes

Dimensions:                 200 x 500 mm (7.8 X 19.6 in)

Weight:                        4.8 kg (10.5 lbs)


The maximum storage height:  45 m (164 ft)


Number pieces in packaging: 1

Number pieces per case: 2


 MSDS (PSDS) Data Sheet

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