Pyrotechnic Distress Signals

Price: $24.00 each

Case (minimum order quantity) :50

IKAROS Hand Flare, White 

For short range, an anti-collision signal on ships and leisure craft. The best pinpoint signal for recreational vessels. The White flare can be seen from great distances which increases your chances of being spotted.

The case is made of corrosion resistant steel and has clear simple instructions. The handle is plastic color-coordinated handle. The flare has a top ignition which is to ensure safety.

Open the top lid - Pull the loop, the flare ignites after 2 second delay- Hold the flare handle in your hand


Light intensity:             10,000 candela

Burn Time:                  >60 seconds

Dimensions:                 243 x 30 mm (9.5 X 1.1 in)

Weight:                        235 grams (8.2 oz)


Number pieces in packaging: 1

Number pieces per case: 50




MSDS (PSDS) Data Sheet
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