John Simonsen
Chairman of the Board and Founder

John has a lifetime of experience with commercial maritime products. Starting in 1970 in Miami, FL as an early commercial importer of liferafts, John has built Datrex into one of the largest private manufacturers and distributors of marine safety products in the United States. In addition to overseeing all company operations, John specializes in steering this family owned company's course, maintaining strong relationships with our numerous suppliers, and developing new vendor and distributor relationships worldwide.

Patrick Brunosson
CEO/President, based in Miami, FL

Patrick, having joined Datrex in 2001, was highly instrumental in developing Datrex into a truly global presence. Patrick coordinated the broadening of product line and service assortment, expanding the company into the streamlined sales and delivery entity you see today. He is a retired Swedish Navy Officer who worked in the European safety market before being recruited by John Simonsen. His worldwide relationships and knowledge of maritime regulations have brought international respect and distribution partners to Datrex.

Paul Klump
CFO, Based in Kinder, LA

Paul has been successfully managing all financial concerns for Datrex for plus 20 years. His team runs an efficient and flexible system, taking care of financial needs for divisions and branches, as well as for our U.S. and international distributors, dealers, and customers. Datrex prides itself on how we handle our relationships and Paul's financial talents are a primary reason why it is easy to do business with Datrex.


Datrex is the manufacturer of Emergency Rations, Drinking Water, Deckbuoy® & Bridgebuoy® Liferings, Fishing Kits and Photoluminescent Signage. Datrex is also the US importer of other marine emergency products and supplies, such as; Echomax, Hansson/Ikaros, Veleria San Giorgio, Hammar, Sea Safe Liferafts, Mullion, Kadematic, Ocean Signal plus many, many more. The products offered have approvals of the USCG, EU Marine Equipment Directive, SOLAS and IMO compliant.

John P. Simonsen, founder and President of Datrex, Inc., began his lifelong marine business career servicing liferafts in Miami, FL. in the early 1960's. Founded in 1970, Datrex fast became the main supplier of marine safety equipment in Miami, FL. and the surrounding region. Datrex has since expanded its services to, Kinder, LA., Jacksonville, FL., Seattle, WA. and New Castle, DE.

Today, all manufacturing takes place at the Datrex headquarters in Kinder, the heart of Louisiana. The Miami and Jacksonville offices function as servicing facilities for liferafts, inflatable lifejackets, immersion suits and EPIRB's. All branches serve as distribution centers.

Kinder, LA


Datrex Louisiana is the International Headquarters of Datrex, Inc. Located in Kinder, La., which is 45 miles North East of Lake Charles, La., is conveniently situated directly in between Houston to the west and New Orleans in the East, allowing for a unique and expansive reach into the Gulf Coast. This location is where most of our research and development, manufacturing and key administrative functions are performed.

This impressive 43,000 square foot facility helps the Kinder operation with being responsible for sales in: The US Gulf Coast, Canada, Mexico, Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.


  • P.O. Box 1537
  • 13878 Hwy 165
  • Kinder, Louisiana 70648
  • United States


  • Phone: (337) 738-4511
  • Toll Free: (800) 828-1131
  • Fax: (337) 738-5675

Kinder, LA Team

Kevin Tyler

Sales Manager

Gerry Mills

IT & Quality Assurance

Chere Fontenot


Stephanie Manuel


Montez Fontenot

Admin/Inside Sales

Miami, FL


Datrex Miami has excelled in providing the servicing of Inflatable Life rafts, Inflatable Life jackets, Immersion suits and All Marine Safety Equipment distribution for over 45 years and continues to do so today.

Our servicing facility is one of the largest and most up-to-date facilities on the Eastern Coast of the United States, offering service on all types of life rafts and other marine safety equipment. 

The facility holds full approval by the United States Coast Guard, Lloyds Register and ABS. Our customer-centered personnel dedicate themselves to the highest levels of service excellence every day of the year. The Miami operation is also responsible for sales in: South Florida, The Caribbean, and South America. We excel inproviding fast shipping and delivery when emergencies arise.


  • 3525 NW 33rd Street
  • Miami, Florida 33142
  • United States


  • Phone: (305) 638-8220
  • Fax: (305) 634-4552

Miami, FL Team

Gaye Boza

Branch Manager

Brigette Goll

Sales Manager

Greg Jacobson

Technical Services

Alejandra Sabillon


Jacksonville, FL

Datrex Jacksonville has provided complete marine safety solutions in the Jacksonville, Florida area for 30 years, offering competent, courteous and prompt service.

Our service personnel are experienced and dedicated to the highest levels of service excellence, and remain customer focused all year round.

Jacksonville provides service to a wide range of customers, including United States Coast Guard, NASA, major ship builders, cruise lines and shipping lines. Because of our geographic location Datrex Jacksonville is able to offer overnight service to most southeast ports and inland destinations. 

Datrex Jacksonville offers service on all types of life rafts and other marine safety equipment. This facility is approved by the USCG, ABS and most liferaft manufacturers. Our ports of call include Jacksonville, FL, Port of Canaveral, FL, Fernandina Beach, FL, Brunswick, GA and Savannah, GA. Jacksonville is also responsible for sales in North Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina.


  • 618 Talleyrand Ave
  • Jacksonville, Florida 32202
  • United States


  • Phone: (904) 355-1401
  • Fax: (904) 353-8269

Jacksonville, FL Team

Rebecca Jammes

Branch Manager

Angie Taylor

Service Technician

New Castle, DE

Datrex NorthEast operates as a full service distribution center for all Datrex products on the east coast, spanning from Virginia to Maine.

The office is strategically located in New Castle Delaware, where many clients receive fast, accurate next day shipments without incurring the costs usually associated with "next day" delivery.


  • 100 Quigley Blvd
  • New Castle, DE 19720
  • United States


  • Phone: (717) 435-8011
  • Fax: (717) 435-8012

New Castle, DE Team

Patrick Mansfield

Branch Manager

Seattle, WA


Datrex Seattle operates as a full service and distribution center for all maritime safety products including liferafts, inflatable lifejackets, immersion suits and EPIRB's. Range of service are within the American and Canadian west coast, spanning from Southern California to Alaska and including Hawaii.

The office is strategically located in Seattle, Washington, where clients receive fast, accurate shipments by land, sea and air.


  • 309 S. Cloverdale
  • Suite D22
  • Seattle, WA 98108
  • United States


  • Phone: (206) 762-9070
  • Fax: (206) 762-9087

Seattle, WA Team

Sean Marley

Branch Manager

Carmen Leyva

Office Manager

Steve French

Service Manager