Captain’s Flare Kit for professional boaters


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The USCG does not require many flares when it comes to distress signals and a floating light won’t cut it.

With only a few chances of being rescued….Why risk your life with inferior product?!! Use what the pros use!

The leader in boating safety, Datrex, has your solution!!

Commercial grade pyrotechnics!

Used by the military, tugs, barges, cruise lines and oil rigs around the world!

Captain’s Flare Kit Content:

  • 3 Ikaros Parachute Rockets Red, 1000 ft, 30.000 candela for 40 seconds – to get everyone’s attention!     CI3401P
  • 2 Ikaros Hand flares Red, 15.000 candela for 60 seconds – pinpoint when you detect other boaters or rescuers    CI3415P
  • 2 Ikaros Buoyant Smoke, Orange dense smoke for 3 minutes – daylight signal when you detect other boaters, rescuers     CI3421P
  • 1 Datrex Signal Mirror for daylight signaling to other boaters, rescuers    DX1502M
  • 4 Datrex Whistles with lanyard    DX0276M
  • 4 Datrex Thermal Emergency Blankets   DX1528M
  • 1 Orange Watertight box for your flares and other safety items DXAC35M


The price includes shipping to commercial address in Continental US.

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3 CI3401P, 2 CI3415P