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One Daniamant ODEO LED Distress Flare




The world’s smallest GPS enabled Personal Locator Beacon , rescueME PLB1

The Ocean Signal rescueME PLB1 is 30% smaller and lighter than any other PLB on the market. Despite that, the battery is certified for 7 years (not 5), the antenna is fully retractable (not one time use), it has a 7 year warranty, and is also supplied with the most comprehensive list of accessories. rescueME can be attached to virtually any kind of gear or strap, or left unattached in it’s small padded float jacket in your pocket.  It will even fit attached and ready to go on the blow tube inside most inflatable lifejackets, turning your PFD into a complete rescue system by your simply putting on your PFD.


  • Lowest cost of any PLB annual ownership based on 7 year battery, 7 year warranty, and no subscription fees.
  • 30% smaller by volume
  • Easily fits into almost any lifejacket
  • Retractable Antenna
  • 7 Year Battery Life
  • 7 year warranty
  • High brightness strobe light >One candela
  • 66 channel GPS receiver
  • Unique mounting clip and universal strap
  • Unique & floating pouch for belt or general storage. 

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Daniamant ODEO LED Distress Flare


Daniamant ODEO LED Distress Flare

  • The smaller size makes the ODEO Distress ideal for mountaineering, skiing, kayaking, expeditions
  • The Odeo Distress uses either 4 x L91 Lithium batteries or 4 x Alkaline batteries 
  • Illuminates for approximatively 8 hours at full illumination
  • No heat, no flames, no risk
  • Ideal for diving (tested to 50m)
  • Includes IR LED for NVG search and rescue
  • S.O.S. Signal built in
  • Simple activation


Daniamant is proud to introduce the ODEO Distress Flare as the next generation of Electronic Visual Distress Signal Device (eVDSD). As the world starts to embrace LED technology as an alternative to traditional pyrotechnic flares Daniamant have built on the ground breaking ODEO Flare design and improved the product once more. New standards and regulations are still being discussed at the USCG and RTCM; these will result in an alternative standard to replace pyrotechnics.
Whilst this work proceeds in the background, Daniamant thought that our Customers should be able to take advantage of technology advances in the interim.

Traditional flares will illuminate for around 30 seconds before extinguishing, the Odeo Distress illuminates for around 8 hours at full illumination. Because no pyrotechnics are used, the Odeo product range is totally safe when switched off, and because it uses battery power (high power Lithium or Alkaline cells), it can even be safely posted or carried in baggage on flights. Beware that the Neoprene storage bag is supplied separately.

Typical Use
Whilst originally designed for marine use, its lightweight, safe performance means that it is incredibly useful for any outdoor activity. The smaller size makes the ODEO Distress ideal for mountaineering, skiing, kayaking, expeditions etc. – any activity that can benefit from the added safety and security of carrying a distress flare – without the unwanted dangers. The ODEO Distress small size and waterproof rating IP68 (50m) also makes it an ideal safety device for divers.

Power Supply
The Odeo Distress uses either 4 x L91 Lithium batteries or 4 x Alkaline batteries. These batteries have the required shelf life and power capacity and will operate over an extended temperature range.

The Odeo Distress is designed with consideration to SOLAS requirements, making it a genuine alternative to the pyrotechnic red hand held flare. The US Coast Guard is now leading the world in developing standards for electronic Visual Distress Signal Devices (eVDSD’s) as a replacement for the hand held pyrotechnic flare. The Odeo Flare™ also outputs an SOS signal during its flash pattern as described in Annex 4 to COLREGS, and is thus an internationally recognised distress signal.



Whistle with Lanyard – USCG/SOLAS/MED/ISO

  • Orange whistle with clip and lanyard
  • Accepted by USCG/SOLAS/MED/ISO for lifejackets and immersion suits
  • Weight: 12 grams
  • Individually packed in a plastic bag