Switlik Crew Overboard Rescue Device (CORD)


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Crew Overboard Rescue Device

The Crew Overboard Rescue Device or CORD, is designed for man overboard emergencies for both leisure marine boaters and first responders.

The CORD is an inflatable life sling, it is much more compact and durable than other Man Overboard products on the market. The soft pack valise is made of Herculite® 80 Laminated Nylon. This case is tear and abrasion resistant, impermeable, mildew/rot resistant, UV resistant and easy to clean.

The CORD consists of SWITLIK’s new Underarm Flotation Device (UFD) and 150ft of 1/4″ High Visibility Multi-filament Polypropylene Floating Yellow Line with over 1,600 lbs. break strength.

Quick Deployment

pull to inflate, again & again.

The CORD is rigged for manual inflation upon pulling the red handle on top. Once deployed, the unit stays attached to the boat, maintaining a connection between the victim and the vessel.

The CORD is intended to be used multiple times. The unit is Self-serviceable with a 1-Year service interval.

Superior Flotation

35 lbs. Buoyancy

SWITLIK’s new UFD provides 35+ Lbs. of inflated buoyancy, keeping the Person in Water (PIW) head and shoulders out of the water more effectively than traditional means of rescue flotation. This allows for the victim to assist in their own rescue.

Stay connected.

The CORD is easily mounted with an elastic lacing system. The unit can be securely fashioned to both rigid metal and wire rails.

A quick-disconnect buckle has been added to the unit for a more secure mount. This keeps the tether line securely attached to your vessel or a fixed place on land (i.e. marinas).

Get Back on Board

The CORD is designed to aid in the rescue of a man overboard. The superior lifting capability of the unit allows you to easily pull the PIW safely back onto the your vessel.