Datrex Promise

All inflatable liferafts, immersion suits and inflatable lifejackets will be serviced according to manufacturers specifications. Any product being serviced by Datrex can be witnessed by the owner. The owner will also receive images of their product while being tested/serviced. Datrex believes in being completely transparent with our customers. Many customers are being taken for granted and even misled when it comes to the servicing of their equipment. We have seen firsthand life saving products that are not serviced correctly or indications that they were not serviced at all! The possibility of "shady" servicing and business transactions takes place in the marine safety industry on a daily basis. This is a matter which Datrex takes very seriously. The founder, Mr. John P. Simonsen, with his employees, will never accept any shortcuts! Full Stop!

Advanced Service Centers

Miami Service
Datrex operates three advanced service centers for all types of life rafts, immersion suits inflatable lifejackets and high pressure cylinders in Miami, Jacksonville, FL and Seattle WA.

All three centers are USCG approved, trained and authorized by manufacturers and approved by different classification societies such as ABS and Lloyds Register.

Our service centers also stock high quality marine safety products for both commercial and recreational use which are available for all our customers at competitive prices.

Our customers range from the private boat owner with a single life raft to government organizations including the USCG and NASA, commercial fishing, workboats as well as prominent shipping and cruise lines.

Life Raft Servicing and Rentals

  • 1st and 3rd Service Intervals
  • 900
    per Liferaft
  • Plus shipping
  • Expires 12/31/2024
  • 2nd and 4th Service Intervals
  • 1200
    per Liferaft
  • Plus shipping
  • Expires 12/31/2024

For service inquiries, please call or send message to

Miami Service Station
(305) 638-8220
Jacksonville Service Station
(904) 355-1401
Seattle Service Station
(206) 762-9070

Service Certifications

Miami Service Station Certificates

Jacksonville Service Station Certificates

Seattle Service Station Certificates