50 Years of commitment to safety

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Datrex’s mission is to make sure we all provide the best possible marine safety products and services to our commercial, governmental and recreational users and accounts. Our mindset is to provide safety products customers can count on. We have done this for over 50 years.


Datrex not only sells and distributes products, but we also services them. Services include liferafts, lifejackets, immersion suits, electronics and many other products. We have an open door policy and full transparency in everything we do as we pride ourselves for quality and customer service.


We have three service stations in the US (Miami and Jacksonville, Florida and Seattle, Washington). In 2023 Datrex became an employee-owned business from a family owned business. We are very thankful for this opportunity granted by the founder Mr. John P. Simonsen as we can set the our own course to success.

Datrex currently has 5 of its own locations with many other third party global service and sales locations. Many of our relationships with customers and distributors goes back for decades. 


Our average employee has been with us for over 10 years. We were a family owned business but now as of 2023 are an employee-owned business. We steer our own destiny and our working toward a common goal of being test best we can be in sales, servicing, inventory and customer service. 


We manufacture 30% + of our own products. We continually are adding more Datrex branded products to our inventory. In all aspects, we are set for growth in the upcoming years and we want to be part of this. For us it is not just a job, but a family that takes pride in what we do as we know one day, what we do will saves lives.

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