Datrex W4 with Clip Lifejacket LED Light – Super Bright!



Datrex- W4 Automatic Lifejacket Light with Clip

The W4 Life Jacket Light from Datrex is a low profile, single compact flashing light powered by leak-proof alkaline batteries.
The light activates automatically when in water and can be turned off manually if required. The light is emitted through an ultra-low profile dome, making the light less susceptible to damage during evacuation.

The light can be fitted in many different type of clips which are listed below in the PDF

Approvals – Classification Societies SOLAS/MED/USCG.

  • Light Output – >0.75 cd
  • Light Duration – Minimum 8 hour, typically plus 50 hours
  • Light Type – White Flashing LED
  • Battery Type – Alkaline – No Fire Hazard
  • The lights fits perfectly installed on all types of foam and inflatable lifejackets
  • Made in Denmark

Additional information

Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 1 × 1 in


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